Instagram Big Girl, Omohtee Deformed For Life After Abuja Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anu’s Big Mistake

Abuja Big Girl (with a big God too) Omohtee has been left with a permanent deformation and also battling for her life after going for a plastic surgery that went wrong. She had the surgery with Dr. Anu at medcontour in Abuja. She claimed the surgery has left her battling for her life and also financially drained her.

Dr Anu from Medcontour in Abuja has denied the allegation and has the following response to Omothee…. Quote “So apparently my offense is that her waist is too tiny .
At the expense of another persons name and profession some people just want their posts to trend…this is really sad.
I leave this lady to God..let Gods will be done”

Omohtee remains in our prayers, we hope she pulls through this one.

Here are some reactions from twitter:

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