Liverpool cautioned ‘ought not to be raced’ into move choice on Werner

John Barnes trusts Liverpool ought not be raced into an exchange choice on RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner, in the midst of reports of developing enthusiasm for the German.

The Reds have been ceaselessly connected with a move for the striker, who has not made any mystery of his longing to play under Jurgen Klopp.

In any case, any semblance of Chelsea and Bayern Munich have additionally been intensely connected with a plunge for the 24-year-old and that has brought up certain issues concerning whether they could be gotten the best of.

Barnes doesn’t accept that is the situation however and recommends that the present period is a ‘test’ for the forward with regards to whether he truly needs to move to Anfield.

“They need players that need to play for Liverpool. I’m certain many individuals were after Van Dijk, however, he needed to come to Liverpool,” he told BonusBetCodes.

“On the off chance that they don’t hurry up and Manchester City or Arsenal or whoever else, Chelsea, come in for him and he chooses to go there, that is not the kind of player you need in any case since he’ll simply go where they’re going to pay him more cash or he wasn’t that dedicated to need to come to play for Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

“I don’t think they need to hurry up, they didn’t hurry up with Van Dijk or Alisson and many individuals needed them to, this is on the grounds that they needed to come. This is a test to check whether he truly needs to come and play for Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool.

“When you’re a top club, European heroes and going to win the group, for what reason would you need to go to Chelsea or Manchester United over Liverpool?

“Manchester United were in that position a couple of years back where players would prefer to go to Manchester United than Liverpool, Chelsea were in that position when Mourinho was there.

“Liverpool is in a solid position so they don’t need to scratch the barrel any longer or attempt to hurry up, in light of the fact that different clubs are intrigued on the grounds that they are currently a club that everybody needs to play for.

Barnes included that he doesn’t accept an exchange dip for Werner would mean an exit for one of the present front three, including:

“He won’t supplant anybody. He’s coming to be a piece of the crew, I don’t believe Klopp’s going to drop any of the front three for him. Obviously, I don’t have the foggiest idea whether that is the thing that may essentially occur. On the off chance that Salah, Mane, or Firmino goes, we don’t have a clue, so I don’t believe he’s coming in to supplant anybody, he’s coming to be a piece of a crew.

“Each player, paying little mind to what your identity is, can go at any second. I don’t believe they’re planning for any of the front three to leave. On the off chance that you can get a player of Werner’s quality to come in and one of the front three doesn’t leave, it’s fine, they have a more grounded crew.

“I don’t believe they will lose any of the front three, yet in current football, you can never tell. In the event that you get an opportunity to get a player who can fit into what you need, you ought to do it.

“I don’t believe he’s going to cost many millions or his pay will be that high and it won’t be where he needs to play each and every game since he’s going to cost £100m and he’s being paid £300k seven days. This is additionally what he’s searching for, players that will come and be glad to be there and not request to play each week, they’re not geniuses like a Ronaldo or a Messi.”

Generally speaking, the previous England striker accepts he is a solid match for the Premier League and talked about what he would bring to the group on Merseyside.

“He fits the profile for one of the front three. That is the thing that Jurgen Klopp does, he takes a gander at what he requests from various players in various positions and he searches for that profile in various players.

“Timo Werner most likely wouldn’t be fit to what Manchester City need since he’s an alternate kind of player, he’s quick, dynamic and direct and that is the thing that the front three of Liverpool need to do. That is the best thing that Jurgen Klopp does.

“In the event that he’s searching for a midfield player, he won’t search for a Kevin De Bruyne or a David Silva, he’s going to search for another Jordan Henderson. He knows how he needs his group to play and he searches for players to fit into that framework, while different clubs search for the best players who they consider the best players and state we’re going to sign him since he’s going to score 50 objectives, however in the event that he doesn’t it into what your group needs, there’s no point marking him.

“Different clubs have done that. They’ve hoped to see who the best players are and they’re similar to ‘I’m going to sign him’ and you can see once in a while it doesn’t work. I imagine that with the entirety of the players Klopp finishes paperwork for Liverpool, paying little mind to what others consider them or how well they’re doing or how notable they are, he ensures they fit into what he needs.

“I’ve seen Timo Werner play, he’s brisk, he’s immediate. He’s not a Robert Lewandowski type or a specialized player, yet Liverpool needn’t bother with that. They need one of the front three to resemble Mo Salah or Sadio Mane and I think he fits that bill.”

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