Mauritius says no new instance of Coronavirus has been recorded over the most recent 8 days

Mauritius recorded no new COVID-19 cases for as far back as eight days, as per insights gave by the National Communication Committee on Monday, May 4.

As of now, there are just three dynamic cases out of the 332 positive affirmed cases enlisted including 10 passings. While 315 individuals have recouped from the infection.

In spite of no new cases over the most recent eight-days, the clean check in time set up on March 20, and which ought to have finished today, was reached out until June 1, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth declared last Friday.

“The populace will require somewhat more tolerance, to stay away from the danger of a second flood of the Covid-19 plague,” Jugnauth said.

The Government of Mauritius is as of now arranging a progressive resumption of specific exercises, which will be added to basic divisions, for example, banks and stores as of May 15.

Strict, political, and association get-togethers will at present be restricted, however pastry shops, hairdressers, butchers, and fishmongers will have the option to open again on May 15.

With respect to business sectors, bars, and strip malls they will stay shut until June 1, while schools will continue on August 1.

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