Mob batters father of 7 to the point of death for taking a chicken to take care of his hungry family

A dad of seven in Kamurojjo-Muro town, Serere area, Teso sub-locale, Uganda has been battered to the point of death for supposedly taking food.

The perished distinguished uniquely as Emuron was blamed for taking a hen from of one the neighbors, on Monday evening and inhabitants slipped on him in an angry crowd assault.

As per t eastern News Network, observers at the scene described Emuron moaning that ‘his kids had gone days without food.’

Paul Edigu, an observer said that the furious mob didn’t give the presume time to clarify his activities.

“In spite of this network outrage, a few inhabitants were against the demonstration focusing on that the lockdown circumstance could have pushed Emuron to take in order to take care of his kids,” Edigu told ENN.

Left in a state of unconsciousness, the individuals who were tolerant with Emuron willfully conveyed him up to Kyere Health Center III, however, Emuron passed on upon appearance and his body was seen relinquished under a mango tree at the wellbeing community.

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